IGHR 2012 – Day 5 and Travel Home

Even though the last day of IGHR was only a half day, we did not slack on learning.  Our topics of the day were Church records and Newspaper research.  Lloyd Bockstuck led us with Church records and John Colletta presented Newspaper research.  Both instructors gave valuable insight into each of these records and what can be found if you only look.

Since we only had a half day, at noon we were presented with our certificates and headed home.  I ended up making it across the Texas border by the end of the day and stopped at a motel and called it a night.  On Saturday I finished my journey home to Austin.  I must say that I did enjoy the drive.  It gave me much time to think and reflect on the week’s events.  I have learned so much and already have a huge list of resources to apply to my own research.

I am already trying to decide on next years course: Land Records or Scottish Research?  I guess I have until January to decide and registration opens again.

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