IGHR 2012 – Day 4

Day 4 of IGHR has now come to an end.  This was another very full day.  Today in my course, Intermediate Genealogy & Historical Studies, we spent the day on the following topics; Westward Expansion, Lineage Societies, and Guides to Manuscripts Collections.  Lloyd de Witt Bockstruck, our course coordinator, presented the entire day.  Again the class was extremely informative and interesting.

IGHR 2012 Banquet Program

Tonight was the evening of the banquet.  Everyone attending IGHR gathered for a very nice dinner.  I sat at a table with many other Course 2 attendees.  Dr. Larry H. Spruill was our speaker for the evening and he presented, “The Lazarus Factor: Genealogy and The Calling Forth of the Dead”.  We also learned that Barbara Vines Little, CG, FNGS, FVGS, and Ann Carter Fleming, CG, CGL, FNGS, are both retiring this year.  I took a few photos of the banquet.


IGHR 2012 Banquet

IGHR 2012 Banquet

Samford University at Dusk 

As I was leaving campus after the banquet, I took a couple of photos of the campus buildings.



Samford University Library at Dusk

2 thoughts on “IGHR 2012 – Day 4

  1. Wonderful review of your IGHR experience, Anne. I’m hoping to attend within the next couple years. You’ve encouraged me to keep planning! Thanks for taking the time to share.

    • Susan – It is very much a worthwhile experience. Having the full week to focus on learning cannot be substituted. I had a great time, but most of all, I learned so much. I hope to see you at IGHR in the future!

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