IGHR 2012 – Day 2

I woke up this morning ready to start the second full day of IGHR. Apparently I was moving a little slow and time got the best of me. Had to grab breakfast to go and I arrived on campus as the bells were ringing.  I made it to my class a a few minutes late.

Our first half of the day was spent with Christine Rose, CG, CGL ,FASG as she discussed court records. What a treat to listen to her speak.  She has spent many years researching in courthouses and really know her stuff.  She was a delight to listen to and I am very happy to have had the opportunity to learn from her.

Building on the right is where my class is being held and the building just to the left of that is where the cafeteria is located.

Then it was off to lunch.  I brought my lunch again as the cafeteria has been very crowded.  There are a lot of other camps going on this week and it makes for big crowds in the cafeteria.  This was only supposed to last through today, so tomorrow should be much better.  I enjoyed spending some time outside during our lunch break as the weather was beautiful.  No rain and cool temperatures.

After lunch we were back in class and spent the rest of the day focusing on Military and Pension records.  Lloyd Bockstruck, FTGS, FNGS led the afternoon session and again it was jam packed with information.  We received some very good information on what records there are, where to find them, what information might be in them, and what records do not exist.

The library at Samford University

After the day of ended I grabbed an early dinner and came back to campus.  My plan was to attend one of the evening sessions that start at 6:00 p.m.  However, I ended up in the library to do a quick look up and ended up letting the time get the best of me and stayed til 7:30.  I found some good information though and ordered some photo copies that will be ready for me to pick up tomorrow.  I can’t wait for day 3!