Memories from an Airline Napkin

Trip route marked on napkin starting in Austin, pit stop in Dallas, and ending in St. Louis

Today I was going through some of my miscellaneous files and folders.  One of them was a folder from a trip to DeSoto, MO in 2007. This is the birthplace of my grandmother, Margaret Helen Snyder. As I was going through this folder, which mostly contained itineraries, maps and cemetery listings, I noticed something that was hiding in one of the pockets somewhat crumpled.  It was a Southwest Airlines napkin. I pulled the napkin out of the folder and noticed there was writing on it.  Apparently my daughter, then age 10, had written on it during the plane ride.

It started with the route we were taking as seen in the first picture.



Story on Airline Napkin part 1

As I flipped the napkin over I discovered a little story she had written.  The transcription follows:

‘Once upon a time long, long ago there was a girl named Ariel. Ariel was with her mom on a plane going to St. Louis. They Went to St. Louis because Ariels mom had to do Geneology. When they were going to St. Louis Ariel left half of her dinner in Austin. Ariel was really mad. So, She ate a power bar. When she arrived at St. Louis she got smothing to eat at’

Airline Napkin Story part 2

The funny thing is, I don’t remember seeing her writing this story on the napkin or putting it into the folder.  I asked her about it today when I found it and she doesn’t remember writing it.

The story is true. I do remember she had eaten half of her sandwich at the airport before our flight left and was going to save the other half for the plane ride.  When she discovered that she had left her sandwich sitting on the seat in the airport, she was very sad.  I did have an emergency Powerbar in my purse for her to eat and I did get her something to eat when we arrived in St. Louis.

I am also happy to report that her spelling has improved and she does know how to spell the word “genealogy” now.

Ariel at DeSoto City Cemetery, DeSoto, MO

She was a trooper during that trip.  We spent quite a few hours in cemeteries and libraries.  Here is a picture of my helper at the DeSoto City Cemetery. And that yellow folder she is holding in her arms? Yes, that is the folder I pulled that napkin out of today.