Preparing for Scanfest

Today is the monthy Scanfest hosted by Miram Robbins, author of AnceStories: The Stories of My Ancestors blog. I plan on attending this today but want to be more prepared that last month.  I have several probate files that I copied while in South Carolina this past May.  I want to have them available digitally to enhance and preserve them.

Normally with digital images that I download, I put the source citiatation inside the image itself by expanding the canvas and copying/pasting the citation.  Since I am scanning from a paper copy, I don’t want to do all of the scanning and then go back and edit the image.  Plus, I want to have the source citation on the original copies I made.  So prior to scanning, I made labels and put them on the paper copies themselves.  It was super fast and easy.

    1. I used my Legacy Family Tree genealogy software to create the citation.  I used the source clipboard to enter all of the source details.  Since the there is a preview of the output, I copied the text from here.
    1. Then I opened up MS Word and used the label template option to paste my citation.  I am using an Avery 5160 label.
    1. Printed the labels and stuck one on each of my hard copies.
  1. Now I am ready to scan!