I Attended My First Scanfest Today

Scanfest is a once a month event hosted by Miriam Robbins of AnceStories the Stories of My Ancestors blog.  Since scanning is a necessary but boring, task for genealogists, Miriam devised a great way to get that needed task done.  Genealogists gather at her blog  for a designated 3 hour block of time, once a month.  While working on their scanning projects they spend the otherwise tedious time getting to know each other, asking advice, and viewing snippets of each other’s projects through a chat board that is live on her blog. 
I attended my first Scanfest today.  I had several probate files that needed scanning and I just wasn’t getting around to it.  I thought this would be worth a try.  I am so glad that I did!  Not only did I make a dent in my pile, the time just flew by!  It was really enjoyable talking with people and learning about what they were working on as well.  After Scanfest was over, I did about another hours worth of scanning.  I feel so much better knowing that some of this scanning is complete.  I will certainly be attending this next month.  Thanks to Miriam for hosting this great event!

One thought on “I Attended My First Scanfest Today

  1. Anne, you are so welcome! I'm always thrilled when we get new friends to join us…and just as blessed to hear that Scanfest helps people get their projects done!

    The time goes by quickly, we have a lot of fun, get things done, and we all learn…what more could you ask for?

    For any of your readers who are interested, the next Scanfest will be held Sunday, July 31st from 11 AM to 2 PM, PDT on my blog. See http://tinyurl.com/Scanfest for more info.

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