Tombstone Tuesday – Chesley Davis

Chesley Davis (1791-1879)

Chesley Davis is my fourth great-grandfather.  He is buried in Davis-Cromer-Martin graveyard in Newberry County, SC.  I recently had the good fortune to find this graveyard and take pictures of the stones that are left.  Inscription reads:
April 24, 1791
Oct. 5, 1879

4 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday – Chesley Davis

  1. I am Chesley Davis’ 4th great grand nephew (his father, Thomas Davis, is my 5th great grandfather). I am wondering if you would mind sharing the photos you took of headstones in the Davis-Cromer-Martin graveyard.


    • Nice to meet you, James! My plan was to post the pictures, but as you can see, I have not been very active on the blog. I will start back up again with the Tombstone Tuesday theme and get more pictures posted. I feel very fortunate to have been able to visit it in person and capture some photos.


  2. Do you have any information on Chesley’s son, Pleasant? I have a Pleasant Davis, whose father was also named Pleasant. The elder Pleasant Davis was issued a military warrant for his participation in the Tennessee Militia during the war of 1812. His service was in the Creek Indian Wars. Pleasant Davis, the son, was born abt. 1814 in North or South Carolina.

    • Kaye,

      I have not run across a Pleasant Davis yet in my research. If the Pleasant Davis you mention here is a son of Chesley Davis, I would assume you are spaeking of the Chesley Davis that was this Chesley Davis’ grandfather. He married Mary Tate of Virginia. I don’t have any record of a Pleasant Davis as his son, but would be interested in what information you have.


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